Limited to only 500 units worldwide, the newest and third member of the KTM 790 Adventure family is cited as the best rally bike for travel.

For riders who want to experience a hardcore performance as well as have the best suspension equipment, then 2019 790 Adventure R Rally can be a great option. As a matter of fact, this unit will cross continents with ease.

Features and Specifications of KTM 790 Adventure R Rally

Based greatly on the 790 Adventure R this limited edition unit preserves the compact and powerful 95 horsepower LC8c parallel twin motor and alike steel trellis chassis.

Constructed by the same department, this model also provides the same level of performance, particularly for extreme riding.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with an extra 30 mm of travel suspension travel rear and front the help in clearing even the hardest obstacles.

On the other hand, its WP XPLOR PRO 7548 fork makes use of a cone valve technology – a distinct valving system which allows almost boundless damping performance as well combine coziness with bottoming resistance. What’s more, the cone valve will allow limitless opening, as a result, the suspension’s harness will be reduced.

The fully adjustable and high-quality WP EXPLOR PRO 6746 shock absorber for this model has been made based on the unrivaled experience of KLM. Because of the low-friction and modern parts, the shock absorber will show a considerable increase with regards to the damping performance. Additionally, it will lessen the physical strains that every rider may experience. Nonetheless, its shock absorber will employ a PDS or progressive damping system and has easily and completely modifiable damping behavior.

Further, in order to lay emphasis on its Ready-to-Race identifications in conjunction with the suspension known as the WP XPLOR PRO, the 790 Adventure R Rally comes with a lightweight Akrapovic exhaust, Quickshifter +, as well as a carbon fiber tank protector as a standard.

Design and Color

The KTM 2019 790 Adventure R Rally can be distinguished with its distinct color as well as graphic design that has winglets and a clear design.

This limited edition motorcycle from KTM features narrower rims that are fitted using tubes for a hard off road condition.

Moreover, it comes with Rally footrests that offer optimum grip and comfort when you’re standing for a long period of time. With this motorcycle, your racing ergonomics will improve as well thanks to its straight and at the same time high racing seat.

Pricing and Availability

When it comes to the details regarding the availability, pricing, as well as the ordering process of KTM 790 Adventure R Rally, they will be stated in the months to come.

Thus if you want to get this limited edition motorcycle, start saving some of your now for the reason that KTM will only release a total of 500 units worldwide.

Without a doubt, the 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R Rally is a great motorcycle to have. Hopefully, KTM will release more 790 Adventure R Rally in the future so that a lot of people will enjoy all the excellent features that this motorcycle has to offer.