Benelli is a famous Italian motorcycle brand that has been founded in 1911 in Pesaro Italy, and in fact, it is already in the Philippines. At the 2019 Makina Moto Show, this brand has successfully made its debut in the Philippines.Benelli Philippines, on the other hand, hopes to provide alternatives to the usual motorcycle options with its initial line-ups: the 502 Cruiser, Leoncino Scrambler, and TRK 502 adventure bike. As a matter of fact, the price of the three models starts at 349,000 Pesos.

Nevertheless, keep on reading to know more about the three 500cc motorcycles from Benelli.

Leoncino Scrambler

This motorcycle from Benello is a DOHC, 500cc liquid-cooled, as well as an inline two-cylinder scrambler.

The Leoncino Scrambler gives off 46 Nm and 47.5 PD which is shifted through a six-speed transmission to the back.

Aside from that, this motorcycle is gotten to a stop using double discs in the back and in front administered by ABS. The Leoncino Scrambler weighs 207 kilograms and has a seat height of 810 mm. Last but not least, it is currently priced at 369,000 pesos.

TRK 502

The TRK 502 is powered by the same machine as the Leoncino Scrambler. Likewise, the stopping power of the TRK 502 motorcycle is taken care of double discs which are located at the back and in front. Take note, the discs are governed by ABS as well.

Unlike the Leoncino, this model features a higher seat height which is 835 mm but it is pretty heavier at 210 kilograms. Nevertheless, it is a motorcycle that you can drive on highways legally is priced at Php 359,000.


This model is Benelli’s cruiser-like providing a more comfortable handlebar position. What’s more, it comes with more onward set pegs and will offer you a more comfortable riding position.

The 502C also utilizes the same engine as the TRK 502 and Leoncin Scrambler. Among the three Benelli motorcycles, the 502c is the one that sports the most minimalist but modern design.

When it comes to the light they are all LED. With a seat height of 800 mm, the 502C is the best option for the vertically challenged. Weighing at 220 kilograms, this model is the heaviest among the three. Nevertheless, it is available in the Philippines for only 349,000.


Benelli is indeed a very popular brand not only in Italy but also in other countries like the Philippines. In the actual fact, presently, Benelli Philippines has a sales area at 27 Annapolis Bldg. along Annapolis St. in Greenhills. What’s more, the company is planning to build a sales area in Caloocan as well.

Nevertheless, the Leoncino Scrambler, 502C, and TRK 502 are highway legal. And not only that they are great investments considering the features they offer.

Even so, if you are looking for a 500cc motorcycle, these three motorcycles can be a great option. After all, they all came from a reputable company who is serving in the industry for a long period of time.