As we all know rainy season began, meaning to say, heavy rain showers will become a part of every motorcycle rider’s life. Without any doubt water on highways and roads may significantly change the riding situations. Thus, being cautious and extra careful are very much needed to avoid accidents.

To keep you and other motorcycle riders’ safe this rainy season, in this content, we have compiled 4 safety tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain.

Check your motorcycle before leaving

To ensure that your motorcycle can handle water on the roads, it is highly recommended that you inspect it before leaving.

First and foremost you need to inspect the tires, there should be adequate tread depth as well at the correct pressure. If the tread depth is lower than 1.5mm it is a good sign that you need to change your tires as soon as possible.

After inspecting the tires, keep an eye on the brake fluid and oil level. Ensure that these two were both topped up properly. What’s more, observe your motorcycle’s underside for fluids soaking on the ground.  As a matter of fact, this isn’t only risky for you but for others as well.

Last but not least, make sure that the turn signals, headlights, and taillights are working properly.

Plan your road

For sure, by now you are already acquainted with the locations which are likely to flood after heavy rains. Per se, it is very important that you have an alternate way planned in case your usual route will become impassable and flooded. This will aid you to avoid delays and most importantly, heavy traffics.

Moderate your speed

When you’re riding in the rain make sure to moderate your speed as the roads are slippery. On the other hand, by driving moderately, you will be able to see obstacles ahead of time giving you enough time to avoid them cautiously.

In addition to that, braking in a wet weather condition is pretty different. In such situations locking up your tires unintentionally is pretty easy. Thus, you need to brake progressively and cautiously. Keep in mind that pulling the brake lever all of a sudden may lead to an accident.

Bring the right rain gear with you

While raincoats are an easy as well as a cheap solution it is worth mentioning that could be hazardous for motorcycles driven by a chain. Their edges may snag on chains with ease causing your back wheel to lock up which may possibly lead to accidents.

But aside from that raincoats may cover you the tail lights and headlights unintentionally while you are riding. With this in mind, we are advising you to invest in a proper rain jacket and pants since they keep water out effectively without causing an accident.

Also, don’t forget to bring an extra plastic bag or waterproof cover to protect your stuff from the rain.

There you have it the top 4 safety tips that you need to keep in mind when riding in the rain.