The number of scooters here in the Philippines is growing very rapidly. In fact, scooters are quite practical, affordable, as well as inexpensive to maintain. What’s more, they’re the ideal mean of transportation most especially in a crowded city that has packed streets. Possibly, this is the main reason why there are different brands of scooters in the Philippines.

Suzuki Philippines, on the other hand, have been supplying to such customers for a couple of years and one of its popular products in this category is the Skydrive Sport. Actually, it was launched in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Either way, keep on reading why the Skydrive Sport from Suzuki worth buying.

Elegant Headlamp

The Suzuki Skydrive Sport sports an attractive and stylish headlamp design. As a matter of fact, the design is enthused by the Suzuki Sports DNA of the GSX-R series. What’s more, it comes with cohesive turn signals arranged at the top corners.

Slim & Compact Dimensions

The Skydrive Sport is an entry level AT-scooter that has very slim as well as compact dimensions making it a lightweight model.

Since it is light in weight, maneuvering and handling this scooter in the city is pretty easy. Nevertheless, its slim and compact body also attracts a lot of female buyers.

Newly Designed and Durable Frame

Weighing only 93 kilograms, this scooter from Suzuki can be handled with ease. But aside from that, filtering over traffic is pretty easy as well owing to its newly designed frame.

What’s more, its durable frame provides stability and at the same time strength at high speeds. One more thing, its new frame is the floorboard’s increased size that offers a cozier foot position for the driver in that way the overall comfort will be increased.

Lively Engine

The Skydrive Sport is powered by a 113cc single-cylinder 4-stroke 2-valve engine that has SEPFi (Suzuki Eco Performance Fuel Injection) system and a SOHC setup.

The engine, on the other hand, gives off 8.5 Nm of torque at 6000rpm and 9 horsepower at 8000rpm. It’s quite lively in nature and more importantly, it’s perfect for this type of scooter.

In addition to that, its SEPFi system makes sure that the scooter’s engine will perform at its best without compromising the efficiency of the fuel.

Double Front Rack

This is actually the most convenient and handiest feature that you’ll find on this scooter from Suzuki.

With its double front rack, you will be able to store your stuff that needs quick and easy access. Aside from that, they come equipped with a functional hook.

Offers A Comfortable Drive Quality

Another reason why the Suzuki Skydrive Sport can be a great option is that it comes with swing arm kind of suspension at the back and a telescopic suspension in the front. In point of fact, the whole setup offers a comfortable drive quality by simply absorbing minor waves on the roads. Additionally, the cushioning in the seat is just right.

The abovementioned details were just a few of the many reasons why Suzuki Skydrive Sport is adored in the Philippines so much.