One of the most common transportation that is available is the motorcycle. There are about 200 motorcycles that are used worldwide and approximately 60% of these are in Asia contrast to the United States wherein they dominantly use cars.  

Though we know that motorcycles are fuel efficient and a lot of fun to ride, it’s important to know how to take care of this investment so it will last a lot of more years to come. Have you ever wondered about the right fuel that you should choose for your motorcycle?

Well, you should also consider finding the right and the best fuel that you should feed to your Motorcycle because this might affect the condition of the engine and may also lessen the durability depending on the raw materials and alloys that are used in your motorcycle. Some fuel products should also be considered for its eco-friendliness and also its price.

Your motorcycle’s fuel system is a system that ensures the proper circulation of fuel and in charge of sustaining right amount fuel to the right place to keep it on its best performance that it is why it is also important to check it and be more preventive.

Always overlook for the fuel, if you are talking about fuel system take consideration to the fuel filter. Regularly check the fuel filters and make sure that it’s not clogged, looks clear and clean. We highly recommend to change fuel filters every 2 years or if you, unfortunately, see signs of contaminated fuel. Also, if you have seen any cracking or damage in the fuel lines, replace it immediately.

Gasoline retains its best combustion quality for about 6 months but much lesser if it contains ethanol. Things that lessen the gasoline quality are because of the gasoline’s water accumulation from its environment and its exposure to light and air. These can cause a chemical reaction that produces discolored gasoline having dark deposits at the bottom of the gas storage tank. It happens more frequently in a very hot weather condition. The ethanol has an issue on pulling out fuel out from the air to the gasoline because of its chemical nature. In that point, ethanol will start to drop out because the phase separation process, the ethanol will be mixed to the water causing it to sink at the bottom because of the pure gasoline different density. These cause gasoline’ stripped on its octane rating or the fuel line may suck of the mixture of water and ethanol instead of gasoline.

When you are storing gasoline, the best thing to do is to add any fuel additive to the fuel which is still on its very good condition because this may triple the gasoline’ life and will give a positive performance to the motorcycle. Once that the fuel goes bad, no product can restore it to its previous phase so you should disregard the gasoline at that point. Regardless of the mentioned quality, one thing that you know is that serious engine damage can burn any gasoline whether in good or bad condition.