For motorcycles without plates, the new LTO procedure which concerns motorcycle emission testing might bring you the hassle. Whether your reason for not having a plate is because it is still due for registration. Or, you actually have one but only a temporary plate, you are still covered by this new LTO process.

No License Plates during Emission Testing

According to the Land Transportation Office memo that is dated May 15, 2019, all owners of a vehicle having no license plates while on the process of emission testing are mandated to satisfy the following requirements in the obedience of Department Order (DO) 2012-10:

First, signage or a placard with the words “NO AVAILABLE PLATE” or anything that shows the same effect must be displayed clearly. Second, original OR/CR or Official Receipt or Certificate of Authorization of the vehicle that is subjected to emission testing has to be displayed prominently as well. Third, both the signage/placard as well as the OR/CR of the vehicle must be submitted to MVECT or the Motor Vehicle Control Technician who supervised the emission testing.

Temporary Plates

These requirements above are currently being enforced “strictly” in accordance with 6.7.3 of DO 2012-10. The memo also states that only CECs that is supported by a series of clear pictures of the motor vehicle captured during emission testing that includes the image details mentioned below shall be accepted:

First, a visible plate number in front of the motor vehicle. But if the vehicle has improvised plate number, the owner must provide a photocopy of the authorization or certification from LTO which states that the said plate number is allowed to use. This photocopy must be attached prior to the actual emission test.

Basically, the memo says that the original copy of the OR/CR (official receipt/certificate of authorization is only applicable to a temporary plate number is currently being utilized. However, some emission testing centers require the original copy of the OR/CR.

If these required documents are not present, the vehicle owner must go back to the motorcycle dealer where the vehicle is acquired. In there, he or she has to ask for certification since it is needed to meet the requirements of the new LTO procedure.