For most motorcycle enthusiasts having a sportbike is a dream come true. However, not everybody can afford to buy one. Sportbikes, on the other hand, are very expensive, and in fact, they are costly to maintain too. And this is where the 150cc to 200cc segment comes into play.

Bikes that fall into this category are sportier compared before offering you a big bike at a very reasonable price.

Because of the growing demand for inexpensive sportbikes, the rivalry in this category has increased as well that has provided the customers a lot of choices to choose from like the Suzuki GSX-R150, Yamaha YZF-R15, and Kawasaki Rouser RS200.

The all-new CBR150R from Honda, on the other hand, is actually one of the top models that belong in the said segment. In fact, this model is jam-packed with interesting and exciting features. Read on and get to know more about Honda CBR150R.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

When it comes to the aesthetics undeniably Honda has made an excellent job. Its front features a twin headlight setup that’s full of LED and looks very aggressive. Its side view, on the other hand, has a shrill fairing with high-rise tail, beautiful decals, and under-cowl which give this motorcycle a sportier look.

Furthermore, its exhaust contributes to improving the bike’s overall appearance. One more thing, the Honda CRB150R comes equipped with one pair of alloy wheels that look stylish and cool.

The wide profile tire and a LED tail light at the back of this motorcycle will surely grab your attention as well.

With regards to the build quality, all the materials used are of top quality.


In the actual fact, Honda is very popular for its quietly operating and super refined engine. Luckily, the CBR150R makes use of this type of engine.

This bike comes equipped with a 149cc single cylinder liquid-cooled engine that has a DOHC setup.

Moreover, it’s tuned to offer a maximum power of about 17 horsepower at 9500rpm. Also, it comes with four valves and a six-speed constant transmission.

Though CBR150R is not the best of the best in the 150cc category, still, it is very impressive.

Other Notable Features of Honda CBR150R

This motorcycle, on the other hand, only weighs 125 kilograms which is favor of performance and speed. Furthermore, it has back and front disc brakes that let you stop the bike safely.

Though it is equipped with clip-on handlebars, the riding position of this bike is not too aggressive. It’s somewhere between fully lean and complete upright.

Its 12 liters fuel tank is sufficient if you are planning to ride in the city. However, it is not efficient for the highway since you’ll have to take a lot of fuel stops.

The CBR150R comes with a pro-link mono shock at the back and telescopic suspension in the front. Both of them are tuned finely in order to offer you excellent performance. Last but not least the bike’s light weight aids in its handling as well.

At only Php152,900 peso you will get this excitement loaded bike from Honda.