Initially, Enduro riding is intimidation but when you get hooked in you will never going back. To show the skills of enduro riding, the Tatay Tomas Trail Site organized a first-ever Banayad Endurocross in Magallanes, Cavite. Riders from Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, and Rizal join the endure riding to battle for the title Trail King. The word suggested Banayad in English means smooth or gentle sailing, but this Endurocross is completely opposite.  


Tatay Tomas or known to be Ka Tomas often visit the place, he also lives on the top of a hill, and a patriarch on the area. The venue also offers challenging uphill climbs and a practice ground for enduro riders. Putting some boulders, big tractor tires, and logs, Ka Tomas hill is now hosting site for Banayad Enducross.

There are 80 entries from different categories joined to this event, categories are Open Enduro (open for all the endure bikers, no displacement cap), All China (bikes must be produced by China), Executive Class (riders age 40 years old and above), Local Enduro (bikes are locally produced or any available endure bikes), Open Production (production bikes, no displacement cap), and the most awaited is Trail King (open for all).

Young gun Aaron Pacheco took the championship being the top in Trail King category followed by Jr Apil and Herbert Gordo in 2nd and 3rd place. A special event, BOSS (BMW Owners Society of Safe Riders) Vic Ochoa, Jeffrey Encarnacion, Norbert Dizon, Marcial Salamat, and Emman Salazar, dropped a big adventure bike for the light and agile endure bikes. Francis Evangelista and Leslie Pelmo supported this event, as they rubbed elbows literally and battled again each other over tractor wheels, wood planks, and log jumps.  

This is close enough as it gets even it may not be like Erzberg Hard Enduro.

This event will never be possible and successful without the generosity of Boss riders Vic, Jeffrey, Norbert, Marcial, Leslie, and Francis with Cho Delos Santos, Jr Apil, and Bebs; and of course Francis Fajutar and the Team of Tatay Tomas for making the first-ever Banayad Endocross.