The motorcycle is now one of the most popular transportation equipment because of its speed and size that can easily maneuver especially in traffic jams. Motorcycles are also popular in a lot of poor countries for transportation because most of the motorcycles are a lot cheaper than a car. It is more convenient to choose and buy a motorcycle as contrary to a car that is more expensive in price but because of its popularity, motorcycles also often have the highest number of accidents.

There are different safety precautions when riding a motorcycle that needs to be observed. Gears are one of the most important to be equipped when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle gears are proven important to prevent or lessen unnecessary and unexpected accidents that might happen while riding a motorcycle. So, what are the top gears in riding?

A helmet is a model of protective gear purposely worn to protect the head. It is the most important and highly recommended gear in riding a motorcycle because a helmet supplements the skull in protecting the human brain and as we know the brain is the most important and powerful organ in the body.

  • Gloves/Motorcycle Gloves

A glove is a form of equipment that covers the whole hand. Most gloves commonly have separate holes or openings for each finger and the thumb. Gloves can comfort and protect hands against cold or heat, scraping or chemicals and unnecessary frictions that can cause damages to the skin or to sum up, gloves provide a shield for what a bare hand should not touch.

  • Shoulder and Elbow Armor

Shoulder and Elbow Armor protects the shoulder part and elbow part of the body. Shoulder and Elbow Armor helps lessen the damage received from impacts that might encounter when riding a motorcycle.

  • Knee Armor

Motorcycle pants that have pockets inside the knees can equip armor pads that cover the kneecaps. Like with shoulder and elbow armors, the knee armor protects the knee and it helps lessen the damage received from impacts that might encounter when riding a motorcycle.

One of the many gears that often forgotten these days is the Back Armor. Though the back armor is one of the most important because the back armor protects the whole back especially the spine or the spinal cord which controls various parts of the body and plays an important role to bladder control

  • Boots

The most likely part of the body to get damaged in a crash is the feet and leg. That is why boots are also important and needed to be equipped when riding a motorcycle. Boots can prevent scratches or wounds in the feet received from crashes.