Motors are one of the pleasant things to have that is why we really love to see and share information with the public regarding some coolest and latest design of motorcycles.

We like to introduce this custom made Gulf-liveried Yamaha Chappy, which can be a paddock use at racetracks with its own pull mini-trailer. Well, if you are considering to buy this here are some extra information that may help.

The Gulf-liveried Yamaha Chappy 50cc trail bike is rebuilt by a race team in the US and now an auction at the Race Retro Sale. The estimated price is £500 to £600 or Php. 34,000 to Php. 40,800 in Philippine money. This is 70s bike including a tire trailer on the back that is cool to own. Its heritage race meets histories and sentimental value that will bring priceless joy now and coming years. So if you really love vintage motorbikes, don’t hesitate to buy it.