To all motorcycle riders who strand at Tandang Sora Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City must expect heavy traffic as the DOTr (Department of Transportation) decided to demolish the flyover in which cuts across to these two main avenues starting March 1. The subsequent and closure demolition is to easily construct the 23 km MRT line 7 that bound to North Avenue, Quezon City from San Jose Delmonte, Bulacan.

By now P62.7 Billion project was already constricted the 18 lane (per direction it has 9 lanes) in Commonwealth Avenue into 6 lane road, and few points to only 4 operational lanes for per direction. Many motorcycle drivers might patiently double their struggles in and out of traffic that caused by Tandang Sora flyover demolition. For commuters and drivers always have patience and it is better to wake up earlier to avoid the long travel time.

According to MMDA, the closure of Tandang Sora flyover will extend until next year, OR, up to MRT Line 7 construction was completed. By now, MMDA still creates an advisory concerning the matter. If the organization will remain to their unique traffic re-routing pattern, affected drivers should have to take away towards temporary U-Turn periods 500 meters onwards from the large connection on both directions. Although the plans still to finalize, they also consider the adding of eminent U-Turn slots