The Eminent NLEX-Harbor Link was finally open to those riders from 400cc up to motorcycles, they opened this NLEX-Harbor Link last February 26, 2019. The P9 Billion project with 5.65 kilometers will bypass Bonifacio Avenue, Manila, and Cloverleaf which is in Balintawak, from more than one hour travel time to Cavite and Pasay from NLEX, motorcycle travel time became 20-30 minutes only when this NLEX opened. The NLEX-Harbor Link Section 10 can provide accommodations to 30 vehicles because of the Duterte Administration’s Build, Build, Build program.

The opened NLEX harbor Link of the new Caloocan Interchange is only a partial opening that might serve as a 4th gateway of NLEX to Manila, after Mindanao Avenue, Balintawak, and Karuhatan. New Caloocan Interchange obliges as a point in which the C3-R-10 section, the NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 and the NLEX Connector will unite.