In all the activity we do, our safety is the first priority.

This love month probably, some couples will use a motorcycle to travel and go to the place where they will have a date as a celebration of the Valentine’s Day.

They should put in mind that most of the vehicular accident, the motorcycle is the one involved. So, they must know that the danger in the road will always be there so we should always be careful. Lack of knowledge on how to drive may be the reason for accident and aside from that, fatalities are caused by speed, inattention, not wearing a helmet, and alcohol.

Here Are Some Tips of Awareness About Safety and Proficiency in Riding

  1. Be like an expert rider

Some riders are a member of a group of professionals. So sometimes you can see in the road a convoy of motorcycles. Joining a group like that will help you gain more knowledge about riding skills.

In an occasion like valentine’s day. You will have a long ride with your partner so be sure that you will drive within just your ability and drive smoothly. Do not do some tricks just to impress your partner.

Being on a busy road or not, be mindful of your environment. Side mirrors are made for you to see your back in the left and right. So, check it every five seconds if possible, for you to know what’s going on around you.

  1. Drive Responsibly

Probably some of your way going to the place where you will have a date, there is a speed limit.

They put speed limit there because they have observed that it is prone to accident. So, be mindful about those areas and also always keep a distance from other vehicles. For you to have enough space for stopping distance.

The love month I guess is not a rainy season, but still be prepared and drive slowly when the weather is bad. Because aside from the slippery road when raining. Motorcycle rider like you are less visible when there is a fog or when the rail is heavy.

It is better If the alcohol is not involved in your dining when you are dating because you still need to drive back home. And driving while you are in the influence of alcohol is not good, it may result in an accident.

  1. Take away Distractions

You are already with your partner so I guess you don’t need to use a cellphone anymore.

But if you need to take some call or you need to text, go to the shoulder lanes and stop driving. Same thing with the music. It is better if you will not listen to music because you might not hear your surroundings. You will not hear the beep of other vehicles.

  1. Visibility should be Increased

Driving in a long-distance while being alone in the road and not with a group, you should wear reflective gears. For you to be visible to your fellow drivers.

You can also strip your bike with a reflector. The light produced by your motorcycle in the dark places will not be enough for you to be noticed. And when you are turning right or left, you can also use hand signals as an additional signal because the moving thing is easy to recognize.

  1. Dress Similar to a professional

Consider the weather when you dress up. Then always wear a helmet. It is for the protection of your head. Both of you should wear a helmet not only the driver.

Some people when they are on a date, they are wearing casual dress. Because it is a special occasion. But when the motorcycle is your service, having a casual dress is not important as long as you proper gear up of a motorcycle rider and as long as you are with each other there is no problem.

  1. Be a role model

You are not only the one who will use the road, maybe this season will bring heavy traffics. So, be courteous to your fellow drivers, keep calm, and be patient.

Occupying small space in the road will not be an advantage if the traffic is heavy, you can overtake to some vehicles but you can also be stuck there to be peaceful.

  1. Check the condition of your bike

Before going out make sure your bike is well maintained. Check the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals if they are working. Also, check the tires of your motorcycle if well inflated. Ans most important is your brakes. Because some accident is caused by losing brake.


There you go. Those are the tips for safe back riding in love month. Proper information and preparation before riding are important for you not involve into an accident. Do not add the number of dead people because of bad driving activities and disobeying of the rules and regulations about driving. Always think about your family who is waiting for your safe arrival at home.

Celebrate happy and safe.