This 2019, two lightweight electric bikes are revealed at X Games Aspen by Harley-Davidsons. These two e-bike concepts are the newest creation of the Milwaukee brand.

Harley-Davidson looks forward to these concepts which are an electrified future that follows the path of the fully-electric Livewire. The fully-electric Livewire is a two-wheeled bike that is powered by motor and fuel.

Using those concepts, they challenge Harley-Davidson with his expertise in upgrading two-wheeled vehicles if he can make solutions about urban mobility and expensive used of fuels in a sustainable way. So, he comes up with two e-bikes. The first e-bike has high clearance, rugged suspension, and knobby tires. Based on what the first bike has, you can notice that it is designed for rough road use. Then the second one is designed for strolling in an urban environment, it is an e-bike with low and sleek style and hardtail.


These e-bikes are hassle free when it comes to operating it because we don’t need a license to operate or the own an e-bike, unlike the Livewire. And also, these are invented with lightweight structure, instant acceleration, electric powertrains, and a thrilling ride. So, you can keep in mind that it has agility and maneuverability when it comes to how you will drive it.

The electricity is the main source of its power and not fuel. You can recharge it without bringing the whole bike near the power source because the batteries are removable. You can carry it with one hand and recharge it at home or at the office in a power outlet.

New appealing products to new riders, is the future plan of Harley-Davidson. So, he brought these two concepts to be part of the More Roads for the growth of his plans.