The MMDA created a Road Diet Plan, a plan which is reducing the current width of the lanes in EDSA. The road diet has a benefit of lowering the speed of vehicles, reducing crash rates and improving the safety of the pedestrians. General Manager, Jojo Garcia proposed an exclusive lane for a motorcycle as a part of this road diet plan.

The drafting resolution about the road diet plan of GM Garcia is opened during the Metro Manila Council meeting and it is already approved by the mayors and city administrator of the affected areas. The duty of MMDA is to handle the traffic evaluation reports to determine the applicable speed for the planned lanes.

In the proposal the exclusive lane for the motorcycles will be located beside the yellow lane, then the lane for the public utility vehicles are the two lanes from the shoulder road and the rest of the lanes are for the private vehicles. The MMDA is taking some evaluation of this plan and informing the stakeholders and the public about the assurance that the traffic will be handled by the technical working group.

This plan will not succeed if the motorcycle rider itself will not stay within the lanes allotted for them. That is why the MMDA strongly encouraging them to cooperate. But, the lane itself is not exclusive because four-wheeled vehicles are using those lanes too.