As this has now become the tradition of Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMP), the upcoming day of Valentine’s day is also marked with the MotoGP rider’s arrival in the country. For the love of motorcycle racing this year, it was at an ultimate high as YMP has held a press conference at the Eastwood Open Park to get the riders up to the speed of commitment to racing, and for the rider’s development.

Honoring the event was Maverick Viñales aka “Top Gun”, who was a Yamaha MotoGP rider, has made his way to the Philippines from Malaysia after his practice session. “Top Gun” has first recognized the National Team Duo of McKinley Kyle Paz aka “Wonder Boy” and Masato Fernando “The Chairman” of the UMA Racing Yamaha Philippines Team. Since they’re dominating every track in the nation virtually, their goal as of now has shifted to the Asia Road Racing Championship. Both of the riders are more than willing to represent the country and show the racing ability of the Filipino Riders.

Yamaha’s goal now isn’t about winning as a long-term campaign for upcoming competitions has already made it underway with the Underbone King Sniper 150 National Championships. Since they’re considered as an elite class, all of the twelve selected riders will compete for a place at the national team for their next tournament. Then there’s also the riders for the UB150 category, which is the 10th Yamaha Grand Pix Season. The longest upcoming one-make race in the Philippines has continuously helped in developing the skills of the riders and prepare them to a new level of the competition. This year’s batch of racers would be a mixture of new challengers and perennial contenders, who are all ready to make their records.

Other than the championship, the boastful rights of riders would also be at stake as they are divided into regional teams of the islands Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In addition, Yamaha has also continued their partnership with the Phoenix Yamaha Koso-Faito racing team and the 4S1M racing team who are both committed in excellence on the racetrack. This 2019’s Yamaha Racing Season is getting ready to be worth the watch, and with all the riders aiming at starting their legacy, the racing event would be one of the best spectacles to see.

Now, here are the full list of the contenders:

Underbone King Riders

  1. #23 Kervie Begania
  2. #98 Erika Ondillo
  3. #5 Leeandro Paredes
  4. #61 Andrei Samuel Reyes
  5. #97 Sean Ethan Barcial
  6. #30 Justinne Bethany Tolentino
  7. #79 Jasper James Cruz
  8. #3 Aaron Wyner Blente
  9. #115 Alicia Ortega
  10. #16 Amber Torres
  11. #99 Kerwin Chang

YGP UB150 Riders


  • #63 Tonton Farin
  • #16 Amber Torres
  • #99 Kerwin Chang
  • #822 Niel Jan Centeno
  • #69 Dustin Esguerra
  • #18 Robert Ryan Espiritu


  • #29 Mario Bourbon Jr.
  • #6 Jannesse Llois Lucero
  • #88 Garry Caneda Jr.


  • #8 Ernie Daguio Jr.
  • #44 Ephraim Onahon
  • #191 Rhowell Matias Mangosong IV