The 2019 Motorsports season has been officially begun by Honda Philippines, Inc. with the HPDC tryouts, which was held at Clark International Speedway located at Pampanga on 26th of January. This said the event has served as an official selection process for several talented young riders. Nine young riders would train under the Honda Racing Clinic and will participate in official races.

The HPDC or Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup is a program of Motor Sports of HPI, which aims in developing young rider motorcycle skills in racing by using the CBR150R, a make race bike. Aside from local races, the HPDC will also help the young riders to qualify for the international racing programs, which is by immersing them in various environments to help them become suitable for international competitions.

Riders who are aged twelves up to seventeen years old are qualified to participate in the racing program. This would give them the opportunity to improve their racing skills with the help of Honda Racing Clinic, which is taught by Joey Rivero.

The program was officially opened by Ryosuke Arai, who is HPI’s Adviser for the Motorsports. The group Head for the Motorsports, Gilbert Sison, has welcomed the judges who are in charge of choosing the nine young riders. Troy Alberto, an international racer and representative of HPI in the Asia and Thai Talent Cup last 2018, and Coach Joey Rivero has served as the judges. They’ve also informed the participants during the try-out session and process inside the 4.2km Race Track.

The president of the Unified Sports and Racing Association (USRA), Eduardo Lumague, was also present during the event. The sessions began at 10 in the morning with about four modules that are held over the day’s course before the final shoot out at the end of the day. Their performances were evaluated by Sison, Rivero, and Alberto.

The one reserve who’ve been qualified for the HPDC program and nine young riders are as follows: Carl James P. Hung aka “Chino”, Kurt Tristan Villanueva aka “Ostong”, Michael Nicol D. Lee, Christopher John Mangibin aka “Kokoy”, Sean Andrej Ondillo, Alfred Jakob Sablaya, Marco Gil D. Ventenilla, Travhys Ivan Joe Paralejas, and Joshua Gabriel S. De Leon.

The familiar names such as Alfred Jakob Sablaya who is the reigning HPDC champion, and Sean Andrej Ondillo who is a strong contender has rejoined the competition, is to be challenged by the new and promising rider talents.

With this, the HPI will look forward to the upcoming rounds of HPDC with the new young riders, along with the Racing Clinic who are accompanying them. The Honda Racing Clinic will take place in on April 27th, June 29th, and August 31st at the Batangas Racing Circuit. The first round of HPDC would take place on May 4 and 5 at the BRC, the second round on June 1 and 2 also at the BRC, third round on July 6 and 7 at the Clark International Speedway, fourth round on August 3 and 4 at the CIS, fifth round on September 7 and 8 at BRC, and lastly, the sixth round would take place on October 5 and 6 at CIS.

The HPDC would also be held at the same dates of National Motorcycle Circuit Racing Championship and will be Sanctioned by the USRA, or Unified Sports and Racing Association.