Buying a motorcycle is an amazing and fun experience, but if it is your first time or you are a newbie you may find it a challenging and exhausting endeavor.

Undeniably, there are lots of motorcycles on the market today and take note they are not created equal. What’s more, they are priced differently. For these reasons, choosing the right one becomes more difficult.

So to help you, we have compiled some useful tips that you may want to consider before making a purchase.

4 Tips for Buying A Motorcycle

  1. Choose the right style

When you are looking for your first motorcycle, it is very crucial to determine how it really feels to ride the unit. Further, it is also important to identify if you feel comfortable on riding a dual sport, street bike, cruiser, or sports bike.

Every motorcycle offers a different feel. Thus, if you really want to have an idea what style suits you the most, make sure to create a list of your chosen motorcycles with different styles. After which visit different dealerships and give them a try.

  1. Determine your CC (cubic centimeters) Limit

Motorcycles have different CC. The higher the CC the more powerful your motorcycle will be. The majority of motorcycle manufacturers have street bikes in the 250cc to 300cc range. However, their following offering is 650cc or 600cc for sports bikes.

Most people said that 600cc motorcycles are too ample for their first ride. Whereas others feel they’ll expand lowered powered bikes too quickly. No matter which category you fall in, it is best for you to start low most especially if it is your first time to get a motorcycle.

  1. Get Insurance

Before making a purchase, you need to look for insurance rates. If you are planning to drive your motorcycle often, the dealership will ask for proof of insurance to ensure that you meet the state regulation.

In addition to that, you’ll also need insurance so that you will be able to register your bike. Nevertheless, always keep the insurance and registration papers on you all the time while riding.

  1. Obtain a Financing Option

There is no doubt, the cost is always a big factor in identifying what to purchase. Financing, on the other hand, lets you buy a motorcycle thru borrowing measures like loans. Usually, the bigger the down payment, the lesser the monthly costs will be.

However, it is worth remembering that there’s an interest in such payments. You’ll be paying higher than the motorcycle’s sticker price through financing due to the interest on the payments.

Before buying, make sure you have enough money for the monthly payments to avoid any issue in the future. Either way, there is always a finance expert at the dealership to inform regarding your financing decisions.


There you have it the top four tips that must be taken into consideration before buying your first motorcycle. Hopefully, this content has helped you a lot in choosing the right motorcycle that suits you the most.