Five days ago Raymond Figuerres of TopGear Philippine wrote the things behind 2017 Honda X-ADV. As a guy who works and lives in a city, Figuerres always make sure to grab all the opportunity that he can go and take an adventurous trip outside. It must be a very rare thing to happen for a busy guy like him I suppose.

With his great eye for bikes and an overpowering desire to make the most out of his out of city adventures. One day he desired to have an adventure motorbike for himself. Afterward, he was surprised to find himself passing from one bike showrooms to another. Testing, riding, and feeling them with the help of his friends who are mostly selling their bikes or just willing to lend for him. Whichever it is, what he did is purely to get the best bike perfect for his dream adventure rides.

First Infatuation

In the early days of his search, he was infatuated with the sleek adventure bike Honda African Twin. However, after a few minutes of testing it, he found out that it was not the right bike for him. Figuerres struggled to keep it balanced due to its tall seat height accompanied by a heavy top handling. Actually, the man realized that this and he is not really meant to be because of its expensive price that can cost almost 1 million Philippine pesos. And so, he settled for Honda X-ADV instead.

Honda X-ADV 2017

When it comes to style, this scooter like gives the same look like an original adventure bike. The only difference is that the 2017 Honda X-ADV comprises a smaller set of wheels and tires. In fact, you can feel the difference the moment you ride the bike.

Feel more flexibility every single time you step on the bike. You can easily climb its seat by throwing one of your legs over its seat. Also, its five-position windscreen that you can adjust is said to be essential for avoiding turbulence from reaching the chest of the rider. It has a wide handlebar that ensures the rider to keep a broad and upright position during every drive.


Along with its floorboards, under Honda X-ADV 2017 seat is a sufficient storage that shows off a very scooter like traits. However, the difference that we can distinguish from it is that it has a tall ground aesthetic which is emphasized by its aluminum skid plate plus its complete terrain tires. These outstanding tires are attached on the Scooter-like motorcycle’s spoked wheels.

It has blue angular lines and bluish LED emitters that create a futuristic vibe. If you check the things behind its saddle, you can see its 32.3 inches seat that seems so manageable for all heights. All made with comfortable materials to make your rides comfortable, check its 750cc parallel-twin excellent engine too.

Just like how Mr. Figuerres liked it. We assume that you’ll definitely like it too.