A 2016 Pasig City decree regulating the usage of a full-face motorcycle helmet is making rounds online. In fact, this decree also causes confusion in the riding community of the Philippines.

The Pasig City Decree No. 23 or also known as “An Ordinance Approving the Revised Traffic and Parking Management Code, Defining Functions, Prescribing Fees, and other purposes” consists of rules about the use of helmets.

Safety Helmets for Riders & Motorcycle Restrictions (Item B of Section 108) declares the following: “A safety helmet is a protection for the motorcycle rider’s head (motorcycle rider & back rider), provided no motorcycle riders shall use crash helmets or devices covering their entire face and/or referred to in paragraph (a) herein shall comply with the standard set by the proper authority.”

However, some motorcycle groups stated that many riders are being marked for wearing a full-face helmet even with unblemished visors. On the other hand, there are some who oppose that a full-face helmet that has clear visors isn’t banned by the decree, saying that merely headgear that has tinted visors, balaclavas, bonnets, and face masks aren’t allowed.

Due to the provision’s uncertain and confusions, some motorcycle riders are riding off considering that only an open-face helmet is allowed.  Reportedly, riders who will violate the decree will pay a fine amounting Php.1500.

Nevertheless, one motorcycle group has already said its intention to file a case against the Pasig Coty Council members for abusing the authority. There’s also another group who is looking for an interview with the local administration to look for clarification regarding the issue.

Hopefully, the government of Pasig City clears the things up as soon as possible. Check out the image below to see the decree regarding the motorcycle helmets.