When you ask riders what keeps them motivated to join this kind of events you’ll hear one answer – “Riding is the best medicine.” Yamaha Motor Philippines (YMPH) just covered 3,700km of roads in Luzon, Mindanao, and recently, Visayas.

Despite the bad weather, rocky road paths, less to no sleep, fatigue from riding and surprisingly the traffic even at the less populated areas, the event went well for an average of 400km a day for three consecutive days. We asked the riders and according to them, these obstacles actually brought this event into a whole new level that everyone wasn’t expecting but they love how it all turned out.

Additionally, the inclusion of Visayas is the highlight of this event. All the exhaustion and worries of the riders went away when they witness some of the historic landmarks and sceneries that can only be seen in the realm of Visayas – San Juanico Bridge which is the country’s longest bridge, the breathtaking beaches of Samar and not to forget, the MacArthur Park. These riders bravely fought with heat and intermittent rains throughout this journey but you can see on their faces how fulfilling it was to be a part of this event particularly when they get to taste Samar’s one of a kind delicacies that they never have imagined.

The awarding concluded the event just like how it’s done traditionally.

  • Chief Rider Award (Celso Pasuyuin)
  • Fearless Biker Award (Lady Jane Calesa),
  • Best Rider Award (Reyno Villagomez)
  • Best in Leadership Award (Mylene Santos)
  • Pinakamapormang Rider Award (Lord Dinno Tan).

Of course not to forget Mark Erickson Acle and John Hansel Leyva, YMPH’s marketing communications senior expert and marketing and customer relations head that made this event possible ensuring the safety and satisfaction all throughout the long ride.

Leyva being the “ground commander” for every tour ever since then emphasized that his utmost priority and concern was the safety of each and every one can be done through –  

  • A clear communication must be maintained by all the participants particularly in the adherence with the given schedule of leaving from each starting point.
  • Eliciting the full support of the leaders per Yamaha Motorcycle Club, provided by YMPH invited them to become a part of this ride.
  • Keeping everything intact most especially the proper coordination with LGUs throughout the ride.

Acle and Levya led the evaluation of the riders from different regions of the country when they registered online and ensuring that proper riding gear was met in order to be a part of this event. According to Leyva, they are looking forward that more riders will participate in their next events in the future. Acle, on the other hand, expressed his experience on social media as he emphasized that this event was full of camaraderie since there is no reported fights or anything for that matter, and love since they witnessed a marriage proposal by one of the riders. That’s sweet, don’t you think?

Above all, Leyva and Acle concluded that this event was indeed successful for the grounds that they earned the trust not only of YMPH leadership but each department – area marketing operations, the service team (mechanics), marketing and operations, and of course, motorsports and safety promotions department.