Everyone who joined the Petron Safe Run event was astonished when the organizers declared the results of the said event. The fuel-economy run was performed within Northern and Central Luzon last March the year 2018 just to see who’s ride saves fuel the most.

Know The Most Fuel-Efficient Ride

Robby Malapitan with his Yamaha Sight 115 won the event. Robby displayed a fuel consumption of 129 km/L after passing through 200km Pampanga, Bataan, La Union, Tarlac, and then finally, back to Pampanga. The others posted a 280 km/L which makes Yamaha Sight 115 the greatest of them all when it comes to fuel efficiency. Not mentioning that this cool ride was making headlines until now because of its robust performance.

Yamaha Motor Philippines approach to validate the result of Petron Safe Run 2018

YMP wants to test the credibility of the Safe Run 2018 result by conducting their own economy run. This is because a lot of people were left astounded over the fact that an entry-level motorcycle can perform like that. Some were impressed but some were left skeptical about it.

In order to clear things out, YMPH silently staged the Yamaha Sight Safe Run on October 14 within the beautiful City of Davao. This information was obtained by Moto Sapiens so you can depend on its accuracy. The event includes three different qualifying events plus a final round. The economy run aims to evaluate the real fuel efficiency of the Yamaha Sight 115 by analyzing the results from the 10 participants who were sponsored by dealers of Yamaha in Davao.

Yamaha Sight 115 in Action

The participants began their journey in Yahama Rev Zone Ulas, Davao City. They took the 200kilometer run with sealed fuel tanks. Michael Comahig tops the list. All who toped the categories will join the finals on November 18 in Cagayan de Oro City. More so, the people of Barangay Lapasan will soon behold the blast off of the participants in the Yamaha Rev Zone.