Do you still remember the “Predator” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1987 action classic that laid numerous sequels and borders with the Alien Franchise?  Actually, this movie ascertained to be a big hit, with the nominal antagonist’s unique appearance serving as the creativeness for motorcycle helmets as well as whole rider groups.

Anything started out a white and simple helmet with unique dreadlocks has now transformed into a rubber slip-on or fully customized helmet painted on as well as customized by riders using distinct details, color schemes, and teeth displaying their creativity.  

But, unluckily, PNP HPG isn’t impressed. During the Road Cycle Round Table Discussion held at UP (University of The Philippines) last October 23 with this theme “Motorcycle Safety & Helmet Use” Attorney Oliver Tanseco, P.Supt of PNP HPG said that the helmet structural integrity is compromised.

Tanseco was mentioning the changes made on the individual’s helmet to make it similar to the titular Predator’s head.

For instance, drilling screws towards the helmet in order to put some aesthetic modifications might compromise the reliability of the helmet’s outer shell during the event of impacts. Another important thing to remember is the added weight place on the helmet due to the paint, fiberglass, and other rubber fixings or materials to obtain such alien look.

In general, a motorcycle helmet weighs between 1.2kg to 1.5kg since people’s necks can only grip so much. That said, the risk of injury caused by severe jerks to the head (usually motor-vehicle accidents) will increase when there’s an additional weight added to the helmet.

Actually, the Predators helmets weigh 3kgs or more, depending on the changes made by riders.

However, even though HPG is not in favor with the said helmet alteration, currently, there’s no law that forbids it.