There are some things that we particularly look for in things. If not found, satisfaction is not guaranteed. Likewise, when it comes to a two-wheeled ride, what satisfies people the most is the healthy machine sound that comes from its engines, isn’t it? However, two-wheeled rides like e-bikes can’t provide the equal satisfaction that comes from fuel-powered rides.

Previous E-bikes are Boring

Some say e-bikes produces a sound that has the resemblance of a hairdryer. Moreover, the obviously artificial loud and high-pitched sound of these bikes will never be enough to compete with the ones produced by motorcycles. For this reason, Kymco, a Taiwanese vehicle manufacturer has promised to get rid of the old and boring e-bikes and replace them with SuperNEX.

Kymco SuperNEX Electric SuperSport

At the EICMA 2018 in Milan, Italy, Kymco introduced their Electric powered SuperSport Motorcycle named SuperNEX. This motorcycle gave a great ray of hope for the future of e-bikes due to its futuristic approach on leveling up the things that an electric bike can do. In fact, Kymco claimed that this SuperSport electric motorcycle can reach the maximum of 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.9 seconds, along with 200 kilometers per hour in just 7.5 seconds, and 250 kilometers per hour in the span of 10.9 seconds.

Although the company gave limited information about SuperNEX’s capacity and power, they have announced that the said electric motorcycle comprises a six-speed transmission. Hence, that’s the proof why this sounds better than the old e-bikes. You will no longer feel like you’re riding in a hair dryer. In addition to that, this is also good news for those riders who want to hone their skills. Why? Because this astounding electric powered bike is also comprised of downshift and upshift clutches features. Aren’t you fascinated yet?

The Four Modes of SuperNEX’s Personality

When it comes to the design of Kymco SuperNEX, you will surely be amazed on how they made those cool details on it making it futuristic. More so, the thing that will surely draw attention to this new Kymco e-bike is its four unique modes of personality. The first personality of this vehicle is called Poised, second is Assertive, another is Bold, and then finally Extreme. These modes are way exciting to think about at the moment.

Kymco has also labeled this bike to be as fast as a thought. Well, that was cool. But can this new release really replace the existence of our lifeless e-bikes today? Well, that was possible. People don’t settle for less anyways.

The SuperNEX electric powered SuperSport bikes will surely be on its way to markets by now. More so, let yourself be indulged on ionex electric scooters for the meantime. These scooters have a removable battery that has the ability to charge completely with just one quick hour. So enjoy your present e-bike while it lasts, because Kymco SuperNEX will surely get its place in the near time soon. Enjoy safe riding!