Last year when the CEO and president of Italjet, Massimo Tartarini, first came to the Philippines. Italjet is an Italian motorcycle company known for its high-end motorcycles along with the cost-efficient E-bikes they produce. Moreover, Mr. Tartarini has two main reasons to visit the Philippines and it is to have a wonderful relaxing time in the magnificent island of Boracay and to check an Italjet local dealership.

Italjet’s Boss Philippines Visit

The objectives of Italjet’s CEO/President were successfully accomplished. What marked on his mind is the great demand for big scooters in the country along with the eager request for the quality brands like Italjet and of course the scenic view in Boracay. Moreover, he found out that there is a growing group of Italjet enthusiasts in the country. These enthusiasts are waiting to see Italjet Dragster to finally make its way to the Philippines.

Today, there is a local motorcycle dealership in the Philippines called Access Plus who imports Italy’s Italjet but it is only limited to Italjet Formula 150cc. However, the growing community of Pinoy scooter lovers is desiring for more. They want to get their hands on the gorgeous metal Dragster.

A Ray of Hope

This hope comes from Mr. Tartarini himself. The wait for Italjet Dragster to finally be available in the Philippines might end soon. In fact, the Italjet Dragster has been unveiled in the EICMA motorcycle show previously in Milan, Italy. The best thing here is that the Italjet Dragster comes in two variants. The first one is the Italjet Dragster 125cc and the other is the Italjet Dragster 200cc.


These are the freshly baked hot specs of this new Italjet scooters. First, the steel trellis frame of this new Italjet model is widely exposed which inspires a space-shuttle-like appearance. Oh well, isn’t it great to ride one of these? Moreover, the greatest thing that adds to the overall appeal of this bike is its smart looking tail-end structure and aerodynamic fascia. With its larger tires that are 12” front tire and 13” rear tire, the scooter may seem heavy yet it only weighs 108 kg (125cc) and 112 kg (200cc). Can you imagine how the designers of this coolest Italjet variant worked carefully for this project?

When it comes to Italjet Dragster’s four-stroke, liquid cooled, four valve engine and suspension parts, the scooter is interchangeable with the parts from other past models. Hence, it will only cost the owner few bucks for maintenance. Even the boss of Italjet agreed that maintenance will only a minor issue for whoever wants to possess these new variants. Furthermore, the twin version engine of the Italjet Dragster also powers the Aprilia Scomadi (a retro-inspired British designed scooter produced in Thailand).

Now the wait is over, Italjet Dragster will soon be available in the International market probably May or June next year. However, the question if when will we be seeing this sleek scooter in the Philippines is not yet answered.