‘We don’t hesitate in ridding our ranks of scalawags’

Article entitled: ‘10 Commandments of Angkas riders on treating female passengers’ went wrong.  It got viral and received negative responses from the readers. This article talked about sexual harassment as one of the top violations of Angkas riders. Situations where a lot of riders have lost their jobs because of this offense normally happens but Angkas have no time to worry about those discharged riders for they’ve prepared so much capable riders to replace them.  The management conducts training for desiring riders for three to four times a month, that’s why it’s okay for them to dismissed guilty riders.

Angkas operations head, David Brian Medrano, says, “We’re serious in professionalizing our ranks,” as he brags about the sexual harassment accusations that cause the Angkas riders to be dismissed at work.  But, he still insisted that the governing bodies have been investigating the case to check on all complaints if it is true before giving the verdict.

Instead of focusing on the accusations, David formulated Moto Sapiens, the four most common violations that trigger Angkas riders to be engaged in sexual harassment. These include:

  • Immoral Manners

Having poor behavior is the root of engaging to sexual harassment. Angkas officials admitted that they’ve failed to take on account the total number of involved accredited riders on this issue. They insisted that being aware of the poor behavior among their employees is the main concern to avoid this happens again. Whatever actions that harmed the commuter, whether verbally or physically, are under this category.  The company named “Angkas” and not “Angas” to indicate that rude riders are not welcome.

  • Riders and Passengers Welfare

Angkas officials immediately rescue their employees whenever they are involved to accidents to see if it happens due to the negligence of the driver or just an accident without recklessness and full of innocence, either way, the company cannot tolerate. Aside from accidents, other violations such as the 60kph speed limit are taken into consideration. For the company will be in-charged to the casualties.

  • Fraudulent acts

Some riders have dirty games while on the road.  They do different tactics just to earn more incentives such as pretentiously listing more trips that do not actually occur. They control the platform as if it cannot be revealed. But, Angkas management is more brilliant as they develop a fail-proof app where employees are not aware of it. This app has the power to identify the fraud their employees are doing with just one click.

  • Misrepresentation

Angkas riders are not allowed to let third-party drive their motorcycle up to offer a ride to passengers. Even offering helmet and uniform to be used by others is prohibited to prevent being involved in illegal activities when used for it can destroy the company’s name and image to the other commuters. It is not also for sale; when sold by the rider, he will be dismissed from the company. They are also strict on Angkas rider’s identification cards when it is tempered or altered.

No excuses for the riders who committed violations for during training and seminars all of the ethical standards were discussed thoroughly for the riders to prevent doing so. For the betterment of their service, Angkas make a feedback system for the commuters so that it is easier for them to complain when bad things happen and they are also free to give suggestions for the services provided to be improved. For more information, you can visit the Angkas Official Facebook page.

Hope this list will convince you to ride on Angkas and meet your expectations for a safe ride.