At the 2018 EICMA, Honda has debuted two new middleweights that are ready for the showroom: the 2019 CBR650R and the 2019 CB650R. These new awesome motorcycles are the newest replacements of the faired CBR650F and the naked CB650F respectively.

While the Honda CBR650R 2019 is the new segment of a sport’s bike, the 2019 CB650R would be the latest retro-futuristic addition to the Honda’s Neo Sport’s Café range. Both of the newly launched middleweights are powered by a 649cc four-banger that now produce more.

When it comes to exhibiting their Neo Sports Café bikes, Honda works quite fast. Once the Japanese brand announces their new concepts for the nest line, you won’t have to wait long for the production version. While the origins of the new 2019 CB650R can be traced all the way back to the 2015 CB4 concept, the updated 2019 CB650R Neo Sports Café prototype has only been shown by Honda on October 06, 2018, at the Mondial Paris Motor Show.

The 2019 CB650R’s production version features a new LCD dash and LED lighting. Compared to the older version, the CB650F, the Neo Sports Café gets to take a longer rake angle without lengthening its wheelbase. It also weighs around 6 kg, which is partly due to the vehicle’s smaller fuel tank (15.5 L). Meanwhile, the bike’s seat height remains unchanged as it still stands at 810 mm.

The CB650R gets a dual 320 mm front disc with a mounted 4-piston caliper, a Honda Selectable Torque Control or HSTC, a 41 mm Showa SFF inverted front forks, a slipper and assist clutch, and a single 240 mm rear disc. The motorcycle will be available with or without an ABS by the month of April 2019, with a price range of about $8,899 and $9,199 respectively.

The Honda CBR650R 2019 has adopted the Honda’s super short styling with an improved aerodynamics, short tail, and extended fairings. Like the CB650R, this bike also sheds a weight of 6kg from the CBR650F that it replaced, while also featuring a more combative riding position with a new repositioned footpegs and handlebars. The Honda CBR650R can produce 95 PS at a 12,000 rpm.

The Honda CBR650R also receives a new frame, LED lighting, a revised intake, an upgraded muffler, and a new LCD dash. Similar with the naked Honda CB650R,the sporty CBR650R also comes with a 41 mm Showa inverted front forks, HSTC, a 15.5 L fuel tank, an slipper and assist clutch, a single 240 mm rear unit, a Showa rear mono shock, an 810 mm seat height, and a dual 320 mm front discs. This bike will also be available with or without an ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System.