Wondering what we think is the best way to spend the Undas weekend? Our answer will definitely be: on the road, on the way to family. Don’t ruin your Undas weekend by not being prepared for your long ride, and we’re not only talking about your motorcycle, you should prep yourself too! Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you get going:

  • Make sure you are in tiptop shape!

What’s a good motorcycle if you won’t be able to ride it in the first place? Before the trip make sure that you get sufficient sleep and that you are in the pink of health. Eat a good filling meal before you head out and make sure you take enough pit stops to hydrate and stretch. You know how long rides can be taxing on your body so limber up and make sure you can really ride it out to your destination. Pull over when you are tired, it doesn’t make you a wuss and it can save lives.

  • Gear up for every weather

It is a fact that the weather here in the Philippines can be very unpredictable. Make sure that you will be free from any discomfort, rain or shine, by wearing vented, weather proof riding gear and by also packing a raincoat. Remember the no one who ever came prepared, regretted coming prepared.

  • Be familiar with your bike’s fuel range

Every motorcycle rider should know how far he can ride on a full tank of fuel. With that information, you can plan out your fuel stops ahead of time. Remember that it is never good to assume that a gas station is always nearby and being smart about this will spare you from the stress of being stranded with a dry tank.

  • Make sure your motorcycle is in a good shape

The road is no place to do repairs so make sure that your motorcycle can handle the long distance. Take it for a checkup before your trip to get an expert’s go signal. Make sure that all the bolts are tight, fluids are within their operating parameters and that the lighting system is working perfectly.  Give extra attention to your tires because they can really get a beating during long rides. Make sure you check for debris, check the tire pressure, and carefully examine your tread depth. Change it if you must instead of risking a blowout and also risking your life.

  • Know where you are going

Being an ace in driving a motorcycle is one thing, but navigating is another thing you have to be familiar with. Research about your destination before your trip, familiarize yourself with the route you will be taking, as well as a contingency plan if said route will be closed or unavailable for repairs, and holiday road closures. You wouldn’t want to pull over to check Waze every few blocks because you are lost and most importantly don’t be the guy who checks his phone with only one hand on the handle bar. Please.


Remember, you are not the only person planning an out of town ride this coming long weekend holiday, so bring extra patience, share the road and always put safety in mind. Ride safe out there!