“The newest MIO-vation in motion has been released and was really modernized!”

It was September 19, 2018, when Yamaha unleashed its MIO-mazing brand with the unveiling of Mio Aerox S at the Yamaha flagship shop, YZONE, in Greenfield, Pasig City.

The Mio Aerox was worthy of all the praises! This newest model of Yamaha has everything that you’ve come and looking for; to its sparkling and sporty looks and responsive yet economical 155cc engine with Blue Core technology.

Features everything the regular Mio Aerox up in the table, plus every electronic included:

  • Yamaha-exclusive Stop and Start system

With this technology, users of Mio Aerox S are now given the chance to save their fuel and have its lower emission by simply turning the engine off once it gets idle for five seconds.

  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) features that was installed on its front wheel,
  • And, also packs a Variable) Valve Actuation (VVA and a Smart Key System for Keyless Ignition.

For that reason, users can have low-mid power at low rpm and a mid-high power to a high rpm. On the other hand, the latter one not only allows you to have a hands-free operation but should also equip your vehicle with more layers of security.

The Grand Launch was digitally broadcasted live on social media in a special edition of YRIDE, the brand’s first web series in the Philippines.

Mr. Robi Domingo, a proud Aerox rider hosted the event together with Yamaha endorser, Matteo Guidiclli.

And with the participation and attendance of Upeepz, the World’s Hip Hop Dance champion helped the team break some tensions on the crowd and ease the suspense of the extravagant event.

Lejano says, “Yamaha is the pioneer in innovation, and it is just apt that we do the first online launch of a product in the motorcycle industry.”

However, YMPH corporate Administration Director, Alfred ‘Buboy’ Lejano, conveys his inner millennial and called the grand launch “Lit”.

Then, YMPH president Toru Osugi followed Lejano’s youthful lead and said: “Yamaha is “Lodi” because it loves innovation.”

Along the way, Ryan Jude Camus, YMPH senior marketing manager, showed around the crowd the newest Aerox and reassured everyone that is in the place that the Stop/Start system would not affect the bike’s battery life because it was guarded with a fail-proof technology.

And as they end the grand launch, Yamaha endorser Matteo Guidicelli stood, showed up, and shared his love for the Aerox. Matteo currently owns an R1 supersport, a Super Ténéré adventure bike, and a retro-inspired XSR900, but still gives his praises for the Mio Aerox S, commending its daily rideability and sprightly styling.

The Grand event was ended with Matteo and Robi giving the audience tips on how to quickly get their very own Aerox S.

If you have had guts to buy the latest Yamaha motor, currently, the Yamaha Mio Aerox S carries a price tag of PHP 122,900 and is retailed in two color paint jobs, the Matte Blue and White.