When was the last time you experienced a heavy traffic? Can’t remember? Either way, just closed your eyes and visualize the cars cutting you off, crowding you, and surrounding you. Also, imagine yourself reading some street signs, watching closing speeds, as well as anticipating and noticing traffic lights. And try to imagine what others are doing while they are stuck in traffic.

Experiencing a heavy traffic is the biggest nightmare for most motorists and passengers. However, have you ever wondered why many motorcyclists’ burn and crash down while riding on a clogged street? Well, some motorists get into trouble while riding in traffic simply because they are not aware of what they are doing.  

Nevertheless, listed below are some smart strategies that can help everybody in dealing with a traffic-choked street.

Tips for Riding in Traffic

Tip #1. Always Watch the Drivers’ Mirrors and Heads

Observing the head movements of motorists over their vehicle’s mirrors and windows is one of the best ways to anticipate unexpected moves. As a matter of fact, the majority of drivers will not swing either right or left without moving their heads first.

Tip #2. You can depend on your vehicle’s mirrors, but not all the time

Even though bike’s side mirrors are considered as lifesavers, you can’t always rely on them even if they are adjusted properly. Actually, in traffic, you need to constantly support your mirror-generated back view with a glance through the exact shoulder.

Make sure to do it as fast as you can and rest assured you will be able to add a further measure of back-view as well as the blind-spot idea to your information gathering tasks.

Tip #3. Don’t ever position yourself between an offramp and car

This tip sounds and looks very simple, but in reality, drivers who choose to exit all of a sudden tend to kill lots of riders. That is why don’t ever place yourself between an offramp and a vehicle. Most importantly, passing on the right side must be avoided. But if you choose to do it, make sure to do it between cross-streets or exits.

Tip #4. Watch out your Brakes

When you’re stuck in a traffic, you must react very quickly, meaning don’t misstep for the brake pedal or lever. In order to lessen the reach time, keep your fingers on the brake lever while your toe (right) must be closed to the back brake pedal.  

Tip #5. Make sure that other drivers can see you

Being noticeable is very important particularly when riding in traffic. That’s why when you’re stuck in a clogged street make sure to ride using your high beam, especially in the day. Also, wear colored and bright gear like a jacket and helmet.

Tip #6. Always prepare your bike’s power

Preparing your bike’s power during traffic is very important so that you’re ready if they ask you to instantly jump forward. By doing this, you’ll have the option to leap in advance instead of utilizing the brakes when a car unexpectedly moves over.

Tip #7. Stay to the right or left

When the traffic slows down, always stay on the right or left side of the car that is in front of you. In fact, this will offer you a drip way if needed. Also, it will help you keep from being a hood decoration if the vehicle behind you failed to stop.

Either way, once you have stopped, clutch in, be ready. Also, keep your eyes on the mirrors and of course to the road.

Tip #8. Always check your surroundings

While riding, always check your entire surroundings, because if you did not accidents may possibly happen.

Tip #9. Your bright light should always be on

When impending a nearing vehicle that is not moving and about to go left, be ready. Make sure that your brights are on especially during the day so that other drivers will notice you. This tip will save you from left-turn betrayal.

Tip #10. Check the Surface

When driving, always check the surface if there is any spilled oil or fuel, since they make roads slippery. Also, keep your eyes out for sand and gravel, which is normally harder to see.

Tip #11. Drive in Open Areas

If you want to drive in open areas during traffic you can use your motorbike’s maneuverability and power. By doing this tip, you will be able to separate yourself from, 4-wheelers automobiles. And most importantly you’ll become more visible to other motorists.

Tip #12. Cancel your turn signs

Regardless of what the traffic situation is, always cancel your turn signals. For instance, a blinking sign may possibly tell motorists waiting to tweak to the street or turning left in front of you that you are about to go when you are not.

Tip #13. Always check what is coming

The good thing about a single-track vehicle is that it can move right and left within a narrow road. Either way, whether you are looking over their windshield or to the side of the vehicles ahead, seeing what is coming is essential as it gives you more time to react.

Tip #14. Study how to coup the strength of other drivers

When riding, don’t just let other drivers passed on you that’s why don’t simply brake hard, instead, try to coup their strength. Because there is an escape way for you.

Tip #15. Let bigger cars ride interference for you

This tip is very easy to follow and for sure you are always ready to do it. When dealing with intersections, let bigger cars ride intrusion for you. If boneheads coming toward you from either right or left, there is a higher chance that they will hit the car that you are following. Nevertheless, for the same reason, don’t plunge over intersections as soon as the traffic lights become green.   


By simply following the tips mentioned above, rest assured you will have a safe trip while riding in a traffic.