This technological breakthrough from Yamaha promises more power with less fuel and we know for a fact that it’s not the first time we’ve heard that promise. But have you ever wondered what makes this new generation engine actually deliver? Don’t worry, MotoArena has broken it down for you.

Increased Power on Acceleration – hindi kakapusin sisinukin.


Pag high revolution ang makina nangangailangan ito ng mas MARAMING MALINIS NA HANGIN. Ang malaking Air Filter ay nagsisigurado na may sapat na hangin kung kinakailangan.


Mas responsive – sapat na hangin, fuel mixture at tamang ignition timing  base sa RPM at position ng throttle.


Matipid – maayos ang konsumo


More Power


Power on Demand in low and high revolution.


Better cooling system to maintain right engine temperature


Lighter and stronger than Steel, therefore more energy efficient


  Less friction and more power