Dude, when was the last time you cleaned your helmet? If you are having a tough time keeping the stink at bay, especially when you constantly sweat buckets while riding, then we might have just found the perfect product that will solve your problem. Our friends from VS 1 sent over the VS 1 Refresh Helmet and Jacket Deodorizer and you know the works, we give products a try so that you know if they’re worth your time. Here’s our honest take on the VS 1 Refresh Helmet and Jacket Deodorizer:


We put it to the ultimate test: sweat soaked riding helmet. Who has the time to wash helmet linings, right? Well , sorry but you still have to do it on the regular but if you are keen on keeping your gear smelling fresh and new between washes then this is the perfect product for you.


It comes in an 80 mL spray on container, which is for us plus points, because it fits right in your hand and you can lug it in your motorcycle’s compartment so it’s ready to freshen your gear whenever you need it. The packaging is sleek and it is spill-proof and if you are wondering, yes you can use it on your jackets, gloves and your bonnets.



You know those deodorizers that promise to remove the nasty smell from your stuff but only ending up masking the bad odor using an even stronger one (smells good though) but the problem is it keeps on coming back and eventually the stink will be too bad for the product to handle. That is not the case with the VS 1’s Deodorizer because not only does it eliminate the foul odor, it also kills the odor-causing bacteria that breed in your gear. Our favorite part about it is it’s refreshing scent, that has a slight citrus undertone but not overwhelming. The whole Motoarena HQ currently smells like it TBH.