With PAGASA saying that there is a 65 to 70 percent chance La Niña will hit most parts of the country by November, expect more rainfall and of course some flooding in our streets. You know the Philippines; and you don’t want to waste your well-deserved Christmas bonus on steep repair expenses so make sure you know what to do in the face of swamped roads.

  1. If the road is flooded, consider these portions of your motorcycle where flood water may come in:
  • Air Cleaner – This part has an opening for air passage. Flood water may easily seep inside your engine through this opening (e.g. 4×4 trucks uses snorkel to raise the intake level of the vehicle good for streams and ditches). So know your motorcycle more. Determine the air intake level.
  • Muffler – While flooded, water may come in through this portion and directly to the combustion chamber. Words from the wise, maintain a high RPM while traversing a flood. This makes a high exhaust pressure that prohibits water coming in
  1. What will happen to your engine if water seeps in you ask?
  • The water will resist the upward movement of the piston and will cause severe damage to the connecting rod and other engine components. You don’t even want to hear the repair quotation, so make sure this never happens to you.
  1. Here’s what you should do when your motorcycle decides to die on you on a flooded thoroughfare:
  • Turn off your engine.
  • Push the motorcycle towards higher (and please, dryer) ground.
  • Check the engine oil. If water comes inside the engine, the color of the oil will turn whitish to brownish. In such cases, engine oil must be drained or flushed out to avoid corrosion inside the engine.
  • As recommendation, use good engine oil for flushing for residues. This may require several times of flushing to complete
  • Water from the combustion chamber can be removed by removing the spark plug and cranking the engine (e.g. use the kick starter) several times
  • Check for the spark plug for possible dirt at the electrodes
  • Check the air cleaner for possible dirt that may clog the air passage

Remember, being a smart rider and knowing your motorcycle will keep you from going under. Drive safe!