MotoArena Reviews: Mototek Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner

Getting all that crusty grease and grime off of your motorcycle’s chain always seems to be an impossible job you’d rather leave to your mechanic. You’d often skip that daunting task and proceed to the easy part which is lathering on some chain lube. Who cares right? But did you know that the chain should always be cleaned before each lubrication, as the combination of dirt and grit with the chain lube can make a ‘grinding paste’, severely shortening your chain’s life.

We went on and put the Mototek Chain Cleaner plus the Mototek Chain Lube to the ultimate test, just to see if chain cleaning can be made less traumatizing of an experience for all of us.

We brought out our old, rusty (but trusty) bike and we almost didn’t even bother given the condition of its chain. It was completely blackened by the combination of dirt and grease, and to be honest, we doubted if it could ever be good as new.

We wasted no time and we sprayed a generous amount of the cleaner onto the chains. We found the spray-on packaging super efficient because it saved us from nasty spills and we got to target all the hard to reach areas. Another plus, it didn’t have an offensive smell, unlike kerosene which is a commonly used chain cleaner. We then let it sit for a good ten minutes, and then went scrubbing away with an old toothbrush and a rag. It did not take too much effort on our part because to our surprise, all the hardened grease softened like butter and slid off so easily off the chains without us trying too hard.

We never thought we could still see what the chain looks like behind all that stubborn grime but at the end of the day, we did with the help of the Mototek Chain Cleaner. The Mototek Chain Lube that we used right after was also a joy to work with, it also comes in a spray-on packaging so we were able to coat the chain’s every nook and cranny. Our thoughts after that super quick (it took us less than an hour) ordeal? “Why didn’t we score these products sooner?”